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Video Chat with a mechanic to get specific instructions to help with your problem. Certified mechanic teach you the automotive tips and tricks to properly fix or finish any automotive do it yourself project.

Certified Mechanics Teach You Automotive Service and Repair

Use Video Chat a Pro to get advice from mechanics in real-time, it is super simple. 

Choose an available automotive mechanic, check their reviews and book to video chat.

Automotive repair advice from video chat a pro

Stop wasting time watching ad filled automotive repair videos that don't help

Because searching YouTube hoping to find the right answers to your specific problem is time-consuming and frustrating. Even worse is when you get bad advice and destroy beyond repair. Video Chat a Pro puts a certified mechanic in the palm of your hand. Face to face Video Chat allows the mechanic to instruct you how to diagnose the problem, how to repair the problem, and can give you personalized advice faster.

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Save Money on Your Automotive Repair

Of course fixing or installing something yourself, rather than hiring a mechanic shop to do it, can save a lot of money. You are handy and you have the right tools, now you need to ask a mechanic for advice specific to your automotive situation. A video chat with a mechanic can be the difference between a straightforward automotive DIY project or a costly DIY automotive disaster.

automotive repair advice online video chat a mechanic
Certified Mechanics Provide Correct Answers Fast

Are you ready to start fixing or installing something on your automobile for the first time? If you’re not exactly 100% sure what you’re doing, a quick video chat with a certified mechanic will give you the industry-specific tips and tricks to solving your automotive problem. Chances are that you won’t find this type of automotive help anywhere on the web. These skilled mechanics are available in emergency situations to help out when your auto repair goes wrong.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be charged at the end of your video chat with the credit card that is provided at the time of scheduling the pro. The charge will be per minute of the video chat. The price you see on the profile is the per minute price. If you or the pro loses connection the time will be paused until you or the pro gets back on the chat. If the connection is lost completely then it ends the time.

You can video chat as long as you need. Our average session is 15 minutes, however you can video chat for a shorter or longer amount of time. You can also book again if you need to gather materials or tools that the pro has recommended.

Emergency repairs, holiday and weekend repairs, inspections, help with small repairs, help with a remodel and much more.

Yes, all of our pros and businesses are licensed in the state they are located in. Landscapers, appliance repair and mechanics are not required by states to have a license. We do not require a license for these categories but we encouraged the pro to add certifications.

Bandwidth requirements

Video: 300 kbps (0.3 mbps) per stream (recommended lowest level)
Audio: 50 kbps (.05 mbps) per stream (recommended lowest level)

Close all other tabs open in your browser. Close all running apps to ensure you have the best bitrate possible.

Make sure you have done the most resent update on your phone.

If you are using an iphone use the Safari browser. 

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